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Friday, September 10th, 2004
5:46 pm

an interview i did about nudity and aRt and naturism.
it was published NATIONALLY! i am so happy about it and want to share it with anyone i can world wide!!! i hope it inspires you!
-shannon from seattle!

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Tuesday, September 23rd, 2003
10:10 pm


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Saturday, September 13th, 2003
2:47 pm

new page=

i wanna wander to the coast and stay there forever.

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Tuesday, December 3rd, 2002
10:45 am

so doesnt seem like this gets written in much..lets try this.

if money wasnt an issue (but dont go overboard, be slightly realistic) how would you spend your days?

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10:45 am

so doesnt seem like this gets written in much..lets try this.

if money wasnt an issue (but dont go overboard, be slightly realistic) how would you spend your days?

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Tuesday, November 19th, 2002
11:10 am

Hi, just joined.
Finally other people who cant be tied down. i love it. Cant wait to read.

wrote this today in my own journal..just a tidbit.

  so i try to not be miserable..as i know it does nothing but bring more misery. but my brain and logic fight eachother.
Sometimes ..most times its easier to give in to the dark hole of mundane routine and just wallow down its cavern a little longer. Dreaming of light but with no desire to break out the hammer and start banging away.
but i cant let that be my fate. i much just wait out my days. and while im waiting, plan my escape. like andy from shawshank. Each day eats at you. but at this point in life i have not much choice. i have to finish school. and i also must keep this job while im in school. They give me a schedule and let me be part time while paying full..cant beat that..but their meidocure creativity and the confines of this cube eat at me..
so i need to get my hammer and start digging my way out..so that come that magicial graduation day. i can go..with a nice portfolio..off to a better place...ahhhh get me outa here!!!!!

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Tuesday, May 22nd, 2001
2:59 pm - I think...

... at least I think I do.

The tribe needs a road trip. Even if its just up to Paradise (That's up on Mt. R.)

current mood: restless

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Sunday, March 11th, 2001
5:32 pm - Advanced planning

So I'm thinking about going on a road/bus trip.
Like in early April.
If anyone is down, start speaking.

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Friday, March 9th, 2001
5:09 pm

We all walk the same road.
It's wide. I'm not talking wide like a doorjam in a chocolate factory, I'm talking wide like making Texan roads look small. Most times we don't see each other. When we do, we move slightly off our paths so we don't have to yell across the road. We still go on our own journeys, but at least we don't have to scream anymore.
This road doesn't end.
There are no final destinations.
This is what makes us unique in our field.
The exit ramps come back onto the road eventually.
We've seen some try and make it a full exit. They just pull off the road.
Less traffic for us. Just wave as you go by. Maybe they will come back again.
Speed up to us.
Journeys don't have to imply distance or travel.
We might have our travelling companion to ourselves
That person we have chosen to walk with side by side
But they'll still pull off for a good picnic with us anyway.
So just march headlong.
Let the road take you where it does.

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Monday, February 26th, 2001
5:55 pm

life takes turns. each way up down left right inside out it's all the same.
"you're running"
running involves something chasing.
i'm feeling it.
hearing it. right down in my chestplate.
but i'm hearing two voices now.

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Friday, February 23rd, 2001
5:01 pm

How do you hear the calling?
Does it shatter you from the inside?
Poke your brain?

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Thursday, February 22nd, 2001
4:38 pm

where to go what to do who to tackle
take over the world step by step
it'll be like a virus

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Wednesday, February 21st, 2001
5:50 pm - GTFOD

You know what I mean? God damn I hate this place.

current mood: annoyed

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5:49 pm

why wander?
is there a calling for me?

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